Voice Teacher


Donna S. Reid’s pedagogic approach is based on the work of Cornelius L. Reid (1911- 2008). In 1993 Donna became a singing pupil of Cornelius L. Reid, noted vocal pedagogue and author of six books on singing. Two of those books are translated into Japanese and one into Korean. He also has two books published in German. Donna assisted Mr. Reid in the numerous master classes he presented in the United States, Canada and Europe and acted as translator during those classes given in various cities in Germany and Austria.

Donna is co-author with Cornelius L. Reid of an article entitled, Eighteenth Century Registrational Concepts published in the March/April 2000 issue of the Journal of Singing.  She also worked very closely with Mr. Reid on several other of his writings.

Although Cornelius Reid’s pedagogic principals were formulated with the classical singer in mind, Donna has been able to use those principles in teaching the “belt” singer.  Her many years of working with musical theater performers has enabled her to grasp an understanding of a healthy, holistic, non manipulative “belt” that enables her pupils to use that sound in a way that is neither damaging nor fatiguing.

Donna also works with classical singers, her belief being that a free voice allows one to sing whatever they wish.  The difference in styles is simply one of register balance and coloration of sound.  That being said, the mechanism must be free enough, with an efficient muscular coordination, to permit the singer to make the sounds they feel are artistically suited to the piece they are performing.

This freedom can best be obtained through a holistic, non-manipulative pedagogic approach. Donna is also a certified teacher of The Alexander Technique. She graduated from The American Center for The Alexander Technique in 2006.

Donna taught singing at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City from 1995 to 2014. She has also taught masterclasses in Bridgetown, Barbados, and Pomaz, Hungary.  Once a year Donna teaches private lessons and masterclasses in Paris, France, in connection with Broadway in Paris and in Frankfurt, Germany in connection with The Free Your Voice Institute. Donna is also on the faculty of the International Singing Academy which gave its first intensive workshop in Montespertoli, Italy July of 2019. She currently maintains a private Studio in New York City.