Alexander Technique


Donna S. Reid is a graduate of the American Center for the Alexander Technique.  She came to the Technique throughCornelius L. Reid and Pedro de Alcantara.  Pedro de Alcantara is a highly respected Alexander Teacher and author.

Donna met Pedro when he contacted her husband after reading his book, The Free Voice, and discovered that the theories and practices of Cornelius Reid coincided with those of F. M. Alexander.  This initiated Donna’s exploration of the Alexander Technique.  After taking lessons for five years with another highly respected Alexander Teacher, Marta Curbelo, Donna came to understand the connection of the Technique with the ideas of C. L. Reid and voice training.  She also recognized the wider application of Alexander work to performers of all types, not to mention individuals who simply want to learn to remove the blocks to free movement in order to increase their energy and reduce pain.


Donna giving an Alexander lesson to one of the pianists at theAdam Gyorgy Castle Academy in Pomaz, Hungary.

The Technique has long been appreciated by performing artists, dancers, musicians, and actors who use it to counter occupational tightness and injuries and to produce more fluid performances.  – Jane E. Brody, New York Times article, 6/21/1990